lunes, marzo 10, 2008

What the heck is "dating"?

I've always been perplexed about that thing that americans call "dating".

Here's an interesting discussion about the issue. And this is my favorite comment of the thread:

Actually, from my perspective "dating" is sort of a concept that exists and can be discussed by never actually happens. People start hanging out, then they start "going out" as booksandlibretti described (perfectly, I might add) and then there's boyfriend girlfriend. If someone says they're "dating someone" that's the same as "going out" with someone or are their boyfriend/girlfriend.

If someone says they're "dating" as opposed to "dating so-and-so" that means hanging out with a lot of guys and (maybe) going on dates with them. Men are never "dating" really. "A date" would be much more formal then just 'hanging out'.

Most the term is a hold-over from times when people were expected to 'court' each other, and seek out relationships in a much more formal way.

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