lunes, diciembre 28, 2009

Yet another blog of mine

As if I didn't have enough blogs...

Here comes Blogpil. Health pills from Honduras....

What happened with my abandoned blogs?

Well. This I abandoned for son long. But still, it can serve me as a metablog: for comenting my other blogs. The philosophical ones... I abandoned them because they don't pay. Philosophy is not profitable for me. These days I am more practical. I am comited to offer value to my readers. Who really cares about my stupid opinions? Everyone has an opinion. Opinions are cheap.

Anarchism, in my blog Contraeconomia doesn't pay off. I love utopias, but utopias are not practical.

Critique of atheism, in my blog Reason Prostituted, didn't pay me at all. But my Sangre de Cristo blog (Blood of Christ), is better. Lately I've been exploring the issue of metaphysical prayers.

My blog about promos and services of cellphone companies turned out to be very profitable. That one I'll keep up updating.

The one about Honduras, in English... I became lazy. It didn't pay much too.

My principal blog is now Nacer en Honduras. About various things of interest of Honduras...

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